• Handwriting
  • Fidget Ball
  • Tee Pee
  • Swimming

Welcome to Riverina Kids Therapy

Riverina Kids Therapy began in 2013 to provide occupational therapy services to children of all ages.  We look to teach strategies that help children learn step by step, and be involved in their thinking and problem solving.   We break down difficult tasks into small steps, help children process their environment, and teach strategies that develop confidence and resilience.

Occupational therapy is all about looking at children’s abilities to complete their occupations.  Occupations for children are all the activities that they are involved in on a daily basis, including school, preschool, home, sport, accessing the community, playing and socialising.  Children may require occupational therapy to help them engage in the above activities, learn how to participate effectively, learn new skills to make things easier, and learn strategies to get along with others and interact day to day.  

We are passionate about supporting families, care givers, teachers and children at home and at school.  We are dedicated to finding the right fit of therapy for you and your child, and personalise therapy to match your goals.  We don't agree with cookie cutter programs, where one size is meant to fit all.  We believe all children are unique, and important, and deserve to be treated in an engaging, respectful, caring and supportive way.