We are planning to run helpful seminars for parents, teachers and caregivers in 2017.  These will be loaded here as they are announced, and also via our newsletter and Facebook page. For term 1 we have the following seminars planned. We will run new seminars each term.  Term 2 seminars will be released shortly. 



MAnaging school morning routines

Cost: FREE

Location: Online

Getting ready for school each morning can be difficult.  Getting up in time, following a routine, getting dressed, organised and feeling confident about stepping in the front gate can be a challenge for some children.  There may be parts of the morning routine that children master really well, and others that they find a little harder.  Once arriving at school, what to do about children that don't want you to leave, or those who are anxious about even turning up. This online seminar will give tips and ideas for managing the morning routine in your household.  This seminar is aimed at those caring for lower primary aged children, including kindergarten. The webinar will be 45 minutes in length. 

This seminar has already been run. If you missed this free online seminar, please click here to access the recording.


OT: what we do and when to get help

Cost: FREE

Location: Online

Sometimes it is hard to know when you might need assistance and who to go to.  Occupational Therapy is about helping children to engage, and develop skills in how they perform their daily activities.  These can include sleeping, self care such as dressing, socialising, planning, eating, or things like playing, turn taking and managing emotions.  This online seminar will cover the areas that occupational therapy can assist with and when you might need to consider consulting an occupational therapist. This seminar will run for 30 minutes. 

This seminar has already been run.  If you missed it, please click here to view the recording. 



anxiety in children: what is it and what can we do?

Tuesday 4th April 5.30pm

Cost: FREE

Location: Riverina Kids Therapy, Suite 19/325 Edward Street, Wagga Wagga

Anxiety in children is a common condition seen in children.  It can be present as an uneasy feeling over the anticipation of something worrying or that causes a threat. Anxiety and stress can be beneficial in some instances as they help to keep us safe.  Excessive anxiety however may interfere with a childs participation in activites, their devleopment of resilience and their ability to learn.  This seminar will cover tips for identifying anxiety in children, when assistance may be needed, and ideas for strategies for use at home and school.  This seminar will be 1 hour in length and also include a tour of our rooms for those who have not been to visit us before. This seminar is designed for parents, caregivers, teachers, and early childhood educators. 

This seminar has already been completed.